Conservative investors and savers have entrusted hundreds of billions of dollars to annuities. But all annuities are not created equal. Lenz Financial Group can provide you with over 100 different annuity products, from completely liquid money-market-like annuities to products which guarantee their rate for 10 years.

Annuities have always been a focal point at Lenz Financial Group. We carry single-premium deferred, flex, immediate, and equity-indexed annuities from 30 of the industry’s best companies.

Our index annuity training video and comprehensive immediate annuity spreadsheets will demonstrate to your client that the shopping has already been done.

With every bank, credit union, and stock broker selling annuities, I count on Lenz Financial to provide me the best annuities and technical support in the market.

Jim Pittman, CLU, ChFC, CFP; Insurance Consulting Services, Inc; Portland, Oregon