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What To Expect From The Life Insurance Interview
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Once you complete the online application, the company will receive an review and process your application. They will attempt to contact the applicant at the day/time requested, if they cannot accommodate the request, they will call the applicant to reschedule a more convenient time.

The interviewer who calls will ask questions that will be used to complete an application for life insurance and schedule a paramedical exam. The information on the application will ultimately be reviewed by an underwriter to determine whether or not the applicant qualifies for the coverage requested.

All of the information provided will be kept confidential in accordance with privacy policies and will be used only for consideration of the coverage for which is applied.

In most cases, the interview takes about 35 minutes. It’s important to have on hand:

Driver’s license number
Names, addresses and phone numbers of doctors, hospitals or clinics visited in the past 10 years
Reasons for and dates of treatment
The names of any prescription medicines being taken
Other life insurance policies including company names and coverage amounts
Financial information including income, assets, liabilities and net worth
The Application
During the telephone interview the option to give verbal approval for the company to begin underwriting the policy is offered to the client. This option eliminates the need for the application to be sent to via mail for a wet signature. If the voice signature option is used, the applicant will need to provide the call center with their social security number and an email address. A copy of the completed application will be sent by email for their records. If they choose not to use the voice signature option, after the telephone interview is finished the completed application and further instructions will be sent via two-day delivery service.
The Paramed Exam
The company will will arrange for an abbreviated exam by a paramedical technician. After the interview, the paramed will contact the applicant within 48 hours to schedule the exam. The exam includes: measurement of your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate collection of blood and urine specimens in some cases, an electrocardiogram (EKG) in some cases, a medical history report It is recommended the applicant get a good night’s sleep prior to the exam and, if possible, skip heavy exercise on the day it’s scheduled. The best results are achieved if you advise the applicant to relax and also: do not eat solid foods or drink alcoholic beverages twenty-four hours prior to the exam avoid tobacco or caffeine products for at least one hour prior to the exam drink a glass of water before providing the urine specimen
Policy Coverage
Life insurance coverage is not in effect until the application is approved, and any outstanding policy requirements and your first premium payment have been received. Approval is not guaranteed.