Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a critical tool in financial, estate and business planning. Case design and underwriting are the two critical factors in completing your cases.

For better or worse, many insurance products have become commodities in the eyes of the public. Consumers are often looking for insurance at the lowest price. We understand that your clients come in all shapes and sizes, with different needs and requirements. With that in mind, Lenz Financial Group can provide you with the most competitive term and permanent life policies in the market.

Impaired Risk Underwriting

Most life insurance companies don’t want your impaired risk business. We do. Send us your sick and injured, your clients who drive too fast, who weigh too much, who travel to foreign countries  Send us your clients who have had bypass surgery, cancer, and diabetes. Send us your private pilots and scuba divers. Our contracts with the most aggressive companies in the industry will get you insurance when you thought it was impossible. When you hear the words, “rated,” “postponed,” or “declined,” call Lenz Financial Group.

Term Insurance

We offer 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year guaranteed term insurance from “super-preferred” through table-16, from $25,000 to $50,000,000. Our 50-company database produces a spreadsheet comparison that makes sure you are the competition.

Permanent Insurance

Despite rumors to the contrary, permanent insurance is far from obsolete. When your client has a permanent need for insurance, term insurance just doesn’t work. Lenz Financial Group offers products across the spectrum of permanent insurance, including universal life, indexed UL, interest sensitive whole life, par whole life, variable life and second to die. We can help you design cases which require permanent insurance in the income replacement, pension max, estate planning, asset transfer, wealth replacement, deferred compensation, and business continuation marketplaces.